Your Opinion

I can't be whatever it is you are thinking.
Don't project onto me all your past stuff,
I'm not all those other women.
I hate it when someone says
"you remind me of...",
or "you think...",
or "you are saying...",
because it isn't me.
You are hearing something that triggers your past,
but don't make me pay
for what someone else did to you.
Don't tell me what I am thinking.
Don't tell me what I "mean".
You have no idea.
You only have your judgments and your expectations
of what and who you WANT me to be
so don't work out your stuff on me.
I don't make any claims to be a superhuman.
I make mistakes all the time.
I am wrong
a lot.
I have feelings and thoughts that are valid TO ME
and I choose to experience them,
to be inside of them and feel all of their gifts,
even if the gift is checking out my pain and fear.
If you have a problem with me
it is YOUR problem.
Check yourself,
don't make your problem
my problem.
I am defensive when it comes to men.
I've taken enough bullshit and abuse,
and judgment, and shame,
to last my whole fucking life.
Keep it to yourself.
But stop laying your shortcomings and inadequacies,
your unfullfilled expectations and failed control trips,
at my doorstep
thinking I will accept your shoddy opinion of me-
ain't gonna happen.
I worked so hard to love and accept myself,
and I think I'm ok for a work in progress.
I will NEVER give you the power to affect my opinion of myself.
You don't deserve it.
Don't give me "the rap",
I have heard it
and it still doesn't impress me.
You keep your opinion of me to yourself.
If I want to hear it
I'll ask you.

© Copyright 2006 J. E. George (UN: goddesspoet at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.


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