If I Could


If I could

I would reach inside of you

touch your heart

make you whole again

If I could

I would remind you that you are so beautiful

so loved

so precious

and you would believe me

If I could

I would walk with you all your days

watch over you

hold you safe

If I could

I would lift you up to the place where there is no hurt

and no sorrow

But there is no way to appreciate the sun

if you have not weathered a storm

and no way to know happiness

if you have not had sorrow

and no way to feel the joy of love

if you have never been alone

So know this~

I am here,

always here,

and I will love you no matter what~

if the sun is shining,

or the rain is pouring

I am here

right hereā€¦

J. George 4/2007



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