Perfect Past

I was talking to you the other day
tipping my shades up to get a better look at
you lounging in the late afternoon sun
a blush creeping up your pale face
from the unfamiliar heat
You were telling me about all your
happy memories
your laugh lilting off your lips
so light and sweet
your eyes asparkle
shimmering and blinking
I was mesmerized as you recounted
a saga of love and happiness
acceptance and wholeness
of support for who and what you are
of a life well lived
and well loved
No beatings or shame
no childhood trauma
no rapes or abuse
no verbal barrage of insults
or torments
I was just sitting there marveling at you
wondering how this could be
a perfect past
and then I woke up


Copyright Jennifer E. George  5/1/2k6




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