How is it you can so easily entice me?
You cup my face in your massive hands,
another one of your tricks-
a glamour...
a mere boy- hiding in a mans clothing.

You are so sensual,
so delicious,
so succulent...
I seek release from this
most powerful of addictions,
the hunger of my famished flesh,
yet I drag my chair to the table
to gorge on the feast anyway.
I am ravenous
in my quest to consume you,
I stuff myself- sucking, biting,
taking in mouthfuls,
handfuls of you...
yet when I think I've had my fill-
tilt my chair back to breathe-
I look at you
and I am starving yet again.

© Copyright 2006 J. E. George (UN: goddesspoet at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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