When he was very young, he had an incredible imagination

boxes were pirate ships and fortresses

the backyard was a lush and verdant jungle

a forest for wild Natives

and roaming bands of rogues

Anything he touched could be made into something new and magical

His dog was the fiercest dragon

and his sisters’ doll was the Damsel in distress

and he would vault over hill and dale

climbing mighty mountains to make heroic rescues

and vanquish all foes

Kitchen chairs became tents upon the savannah

where ferocious lions prowled just beyond the light of a dancing campfire

and massive elephants tramped along the desert sands

Unbearable heat, and a mission only for the hardiest soldier

He would read by flashlight under his covers late at night

consuming books and escaping to worlds where

anything was possible, everything was possible

and magic was commonplace

As he grew slowly to his manhood, the magic slipped away

and books that filled his imagination

turned into footballs and studies

turned into dates and automobiles and mixers

and college

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”

A wedding day, a wife and a new job, a mortgage

late nights at the office, and bills coming faster than

blackbirds swooping onto telephone lines

and then, a baby on the way¦

Something came, something called, something whispered in his ear¦

“don’t forget, remember me? I am your imagination, and you put me

away, but you need to remember me, I am your salvation¦”

And then his son was there, eyes wide with wonder

and the man remembered

He became the black hearted Pirate, the lion on the savannah

the Arch Enemy, the Spy on a Mission to Rule the World

and turned the chairs into tents, and boxes into fortresses

and ships sailing to foreign lands on magical errands

He found his books, and read to his son

he told him his stories, he lifted him

out of the ordinary, and into the extraordinary

and gifted to him all of his magic¦

Copyright 4/2007 J.E.George

All rights reserved.



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