Raging in the Darkness


I’m raging in the darkness

no one hears but me

Agony contorts my face

the pain that none can see

I’m always running virus scans

on the hardware called my mind

but all the worms and spybots

are very hard to find

The Trojans have invaded

my private inner space

and infiltrate my psyche,

my most vulnerable, secret place

I try to reduce my anguish to

the least common denominator

yet my souls’ indifference

to the egos’ torment

leads me up the escalator

Yes I’m rising, to the top,

the pinnacle of fear

as I try to regain my sanity

and all that I hold dear

Enlightenment is elusive,

And forgiveness hard to find,

I’m raging in the darkness,

A prisoner of my mind…


 Copyright J. E. George 4/7/07

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