Life on the Ranch





Modern day cowboys still walk the lines

Fences don’t stand alone you know

Barns and stalls always seem to need mucking

And there is always something to do

Living on the ranch


Cover crops must be put in now

The soil can’t fall fallow

And there’s a mighty storm rolling in through the valley

The crows scream “Stay away! Stay away!” taunting the scarecrow

Life is living here on the ranch


Border collies are rounding up the cattle

And dreaming of wild rabbits needing to be caught

The chickens are gossiping in their homes

Did you hear the news?

We got it good on the ranch


Pickin’ time, and there are walnuts and apricots

Dripping from the trees, they intoxicate with their heady scent

They sure won’t pick themselves, the hands say

And drag out the ladders to reach the towers of fruit

Harvesting on the ranch


The goats are bumping heads, udders swinging low

Time to make cheese and milk for sale

The farmer drops his weary head and thinks of tomorrow

Can we pay the mortgage, make the loans?

Life is challenging on the ranch


Sons grow up and move on to the towns

“Farming isn’t paying Pop” they throw over their shoulders

But they forget where the milk came from,

And what puts the bacon on the bread

What will happen to the ranch?


Long after the sun has gone, the bloody sunset washes away

All the chores for that day are done

The farmer creeps up onto the porch for dinner

And looking back at the cloudy night sky thinks

“My life is still living on the ranch”


Copyright J.George 9/2008






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