It doesn't make you articulate          to use a lot of $15 words-                 to drop your words on me
  like big atom bombs
  blasting my brain
  while you say nothing

  I've known people
  who were very articulate
  without saying anything
  Their faces so full of joy
  at being in the moment-
  their sorrow so eloquent
  because it was genuine

  People who are so present-
  so real-
  their reality is living in this   moment
  right now- 
  and they do not miss a   single moment
  of their lives

  Society calls them "slow",
  but they are the   most beautiful,
  sensitive, funny, intense
  people I know
  so passionate about every  

  minute  detail
  so unbelievably articulate

  A penny for your thoughts?

  Copyright J.E.George 5/2k6

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