I wrote this in the aftermath of 9/11, when everyone was driving around with American flags on their cars. I watched as these same citizens with flags still cut each other off, talked on cell phones while driving erratically, didn't stop at crosswalks for pedestrians, "punched it" through red lights, and flipped each other off on the road. Nothing had changed, we had no "everyday heroes"; people were still acting selfish and rude to each other, American citizens, while screaming about what had been "done to us" by someone else.
And by the way, seeing hypocrisy in "Americans", does not mean that I am any less of an American than you. It also does not mean that I don't have the right to Freedom of Speech, just because I am not a Republican, "Right Wing", or a so called "conservative". I believe in Human Beings, and humanity. I just wish I could see some good examples of those things.

For Sale: Formerly the Land of the Free

Stop shoving America down my throat
I swear that if I see one more flag
on one more car
I’m going to lose my mind
The sheep are still asleep and “safe” in their stalls
Once again, we have not disappointed the wily foxes-
the politicians-
who count on our somnolent masses to follow without question
Watch as we shove and bleat
throwing our money at them
while they pick our back pockets
Watch very carefully as the bricks that we fought for
the very bricks that belong to Elders, children, Disabled, Veterans, poor
are ripped from the foundation
leaving only wispy promises and empty holes
Watch them empty all the money into the War Machine
and shred up the Constitution for confetti
to celebrate the birth of the NEW ERA
The sheep are bleating louder now
demanding that the foxes tag them ALL
tag them for identification
to be certain that none shall escape
The irony here is that we are leading ourselves to the slaughter
allowing the foxes to trick us when we KNOW
that foxes kill sheep
Just try to remember that you are only temporarily young,
and able-bodied, and a civilian, and financially solvent
Try to remember that the men and women returning from this “war”
will need assistance from the very system we are draining now
to fuel this action
And will you turn your backs on them as you have to the Vets of the last two wars?
Of course you will, after all, you’re only a sheep!
It’s not YOUR problem, you’re safe now!
Try to remember in between dreams
that the grinding sound you hear is a brick being pulled from YOUR foundation
Try to remember when you have your irises scanned
and your American ID card scanned
and the foxes are questioning your ear tag
that you CHOSE this America
that you supported this nightmare
Wake up before it’s too late

J.E.George 10/4/2001

© Copyright 2006 J. E. George (UN: goddesspoet at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.


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