Let the Good Times Grow


Let the good times grow

Like pods of life and love

Bursting forth from limbs and vines

Twisting and twining up lattices and trellises

Writhing and reaching upwards towards the sun


Let the good times grow

Thrusting their roots down deep

Sinking into loamy soil and humus

Seeking nourishment for bumper crops


Let the good times grow

From rain that blesses our crops

Fills our wells

Heals our lands and our animals

Thriving and sustaining


Let the good times grow

Let us feed the Earth

Let the Earth feed us

Let us revel in her glory

Let us harvest her vast abundance and her bounty


Let the good times grow

As we grow

As our families grow

As our circle of friendship grows

As our community grows…

Let the good times grow…



Copyright J. George 8/2008



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