I've been missing you
thinking of you frequently
remembering your beautiful face
your radiant smile
angelic, and demonic...
God, how I miss you...
wondering how things are going
wherever you are
I thought I felt you the other day
just over my shoulder
I caught an ambient wisp of Shalimar
and knew you missed me too
Your kids are doing o.k., they need a mother
even at their ages
and Nicki looks just like you
It brings a joy/pain to see her face
and mannerisms
I came down the hall
and it flashed through my mind...
what would you think of all my shenanigans of late?
I know you'd laugh, and love me as you always did
My God
I just miss you so much...
and I keep growing up without you
Wish you could come and visit
and have a coffee
Miss you babe...
just thinking about you...

© Copyright 2006 J. E. George (UN: goddesspoet at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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