Trusting You  

I am afraid sometimes,
afraid that you get too close,
and you are little by little
finding out my secrets.
There is such a huge risk,
because others have taken my secrets
and beat me over the head and about the heart
with them.
I'm afraid if you find out the horror-
the vicious, insidious garbage that happened to me-
you may one day think I deserved it all.
It seems that it is human nature;
sooner or later the ones you trust-
let in so close,
and love so dearly-
will hurt you,
kill you with your own love.
I have worked so hard
to NOT let that stuff affect me anymore,
but it does when I trust someone.
And life just keeps dishing up those lessons,
and I keep gagging them down,
fighting it,
this being force-fed my karma.
So, I am trusting you.
Please don't hurt me.
Just let me
be me.


© Copyright 2006 J.E.George(UN: goddesspoet at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. 


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