I Need New Words


I find it very difficult
to be inspired these days
There are no new words to tell my history
No new words to explain tragedy
and I hate the fact that everyone uses the word "drama"
to sum up your grief and pain
as if the word were a prescription
instead of a judgment
and as if your grief and pain
were something they could weigh in their hand
hefting it and deciding its value
No new words to convey the urgency of my visions
I need new words
to lead you from the fog of your fear
because new, strong words will be required
to yank you from your dream state
If I only had some new words
I could scrub them across your eyes
and polish YOUR vision
(But there may be peace in the fog after all
A place where no light
no sound
and no new words can penetrate...)
I need new words so I will NOT be lulled back to sleep!
I need new words so I can stake my claim
But there are no new words
for me to sell you MY truth
No new words to lead you across the map
to the un-promised land
where words are beaten into solid rock
and where we turn our backs
and walk away from them anyway
An un-promised land full of new words
to allow our minds to escape their vaporous prisons
and allow our mouths to speak new truths
New words to speak our shame
and never again to feel ashamed
New words to concoct stories to bring us joy
because even if the stories are sad
they will be TRUE
I need new words
I need new words to pull me up,
up from the icy sea of all the old words
old words grabbing at me
trying to weigh me down
and trying to drown me
If only I had some new words
I would be new again!
With new words I could look different
feel different
I could "fit in" with new words
and you wouldn't throw me away
With new words I'd be more important
and I'd weigh less
and I'd be as tall as a Viking Goddess
With new words I could be SOMEBODY
and would know I was SOMEBODY
and you would be impressed
by all my new words
I need new words so I can slay politicians
and defend Dragons
I need new words
I need new words
I need new words so I can relate to you
and you can relate
to me


Copyright J.E.George 2006

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