A Visit to Fear…


Here I am yet again

in that dark place called



But it is actually quite


safe and comfortable here

after all, I've been here


so many times before.

I created it- my special


 place to work out my


I can acknowledge it, say


hello, and sit and have


some lengthy discussions

on why I came back here.

I settle in and pour a cup

 of tea.

I haven't been here in so


as evidenced by


the cobwebs draping the




and I blow the dust off


some of my old fears,


just to reminisce.


It gives me courage to see


those old fears


laid in the light;

to recollect that they


were all about the same thing,


my uncertainty of the 



and "what comes next",

and "but what if...".

The same old nonsense.

Rhetorical questions, all.

So it is time to go.

I stand up tall and proud,

and I embrace FEAR,

to say thank you for the time,

the conversation, the tea.

And as I walk to the portal,

I turn and take another



look around, longingly,

I've learned so much here,

worked through so many



that it is like leaving a


friends house.

I'd love to stay, but it


is time to go...

and I step out into the


real world...




© Copyright 2006 J. E. George (UN: goddesspoet at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.


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