Urban Sonnet

There is nothing I would do differently, nothing I would change

I have been so lucky, being allowed to participate in this urban sonnet called “life”

Of course I have had some things go horribly awry

but I’ve also had some things that maybe didn’t work out the way that I wanted them to,

just “differently” than I wanted them to

I’ve also had experiences that I will treasure for the rest of my days

been places, done things, met some people

that I will never, ever forget

I moved in and out of scenarios,

glided through the midnight streets,

wet and oily,

like a cold Cadillac

cruisin’ to a beat that pleased my soul

and fed my mind

and made it home safe

I’ve experienced a truly lush life;

and there is not a moment I regret,

not a minute I’d change.

I am so lucky…


Copyright J. E. George 8/22/06


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