I wrote this a few years ago for a friend in Canada, Her friend had a son who was Gay, and he ended up committing suicide because his family didn't accept him as he was. She asked me to write something that she could read at the funeral. I was more than happy to comply. I opened my mind and this came out, so I have to think maybe he was coming through me somehow, because this isn't really something I would write.


Love Me As I Am

I am your child, the product of your love.

I was born to live, and laugh, and love.

I cannot choose who I love,

as that love comes through Divine Inspiration,

as I did when you created me.

When you taught me about love,

you did not tell me there were rules,

exceptions to who I can love,

and NOT love.

I believed that my love would make you proud,

that I am able to love as you do,

without boundaries,

without prejudice,

without exceptions;

because love is spontaneous,

and love does not see "color",

does not see "difference",

does not see "gender",

it is just LOVE.

And I love you without any rules,

my heart tells me that my love for you is true.

All I wanted to do was love you

as you loved me,

without rules.

I love you.

Jennifer George 6/2k6



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