When Sorrow Comes to Call



Sorrow stalks my happiness with long lanky limbs

He steps high and mighty over my joy

But when he comes a knockin’, don’t you dare open the door

He is the guest who just doesn’t know when to leave


Sorrow takes a place at my table

Sitting down to gorge himself on my contentment

He dribbles a healthy helping of misery over his plate

Looking me deep in my eyes, daring me to blink


Sorrow wants to setup housekeeping here

A ghost trailing tears and tracking up my floors

His heavy head makes a dent in my pillows

And he listens to my laments in the night, smiling and heavy-lidded


Sorrow knows my secret thoughts

And relishes my grief and pain like tender morsels

Wrapping himself around me like a cowled cloak

That suffocates, not warms, not comforts


Sorrow needs to leave this place

Travel on and let me live again

You have no place here among my peace and dreams

Take your baggage with you



Copyright Oct 8 2008 J. George


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